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Central's sports teams' teamwork, hard work credited for winning seasons

December 1, 2017

One hundred fifty-three.

Since we came back to school in late-August, Central’s fall sports have accumulated 153 wins through the first ten weeks of the year.
Every team this year was able to walk away saying they helped their school end with a season full of wins. 

Many of the athletes will say that the winning felt great, but they really played for so much more than just wins; they played for the endless relationships they've made over the last couple weeks.

 But the winning, they say, was a plus.



The one team who really set themselves apart from the others is the golf team. Going undefeated the whole regular season with a record of 42-0 and making it to states where they were then able to show that they are the second best golf team in the state of Pennsylvania.

“I believe our success was due to the goals we set as a team right from the start. Our whole year revolved around winning a state title which was just out of reach in the end,” said senior Brady St. Pierre.


Field Hockey

The field hockey team had plenty of success this year, ending with a 13-6-1 record, as well as winning the Division 1 championship and making it to the first round of the district playoffs.
“I think we were more successful this year because we all had a greater bond with each other. We had almost all the same players as last year that we did this year, but for some reason this year we were much more of a team,” said junior Mikayla Sommer, a right forward.
“Last year I felt like all of our goals came from the same few girls, but this year we had a wide range of girls who scored. Overall, I think we just had more trust in each other and all the work we put in for preseason this year really paid off,” said Sommer.

Girls’ Soccer

Like the field hockey team, the girls’ soccer team was able to claim the division title. On top of that, they won the county championship tournaments and qualified for districts where they made it to the quarterfinals. The team was able to end the season with a 17-5-1 record.
“The reason for the success this season was how close our team was. Everyone got along and we all had the same goals in mind for the season that we wanted to achieve. Overall, we accomplished a lot this year,” said senior Katie Lundy, an outside back .

Boys’ Soccer

The boys’ soccer team finished with a 18-3 record, as well as making it to counties and advancing to the second round of districts. But the team still fell short of the goal they had set out for: winning a championship.
“The thing that has given us the most success this whole year was how connected and strong we were together. We all really enjoyed playing with each other and it really pushed us ahead since we all had a really good friendship with each other,” said senior Danny Horner, a center back.

Cross Country

“The reason for our success this year was because we had a team full of really strong runners. Most of us have been training together since middle school and because of that we train a lot harder in practices which helped us with having a really good season. We all had personal records and I think this season went well because we all knew we had a good chance in postseason,” said senior Paige Hartman.
The girls’ team ended with a 18-2 record, while the boys’ finished with a record of 19-1. The success during the regular season translated into a rewarding postseason where the girls came in 13 during districts and the boys finished in 14.

Girls’ Tennis


The girls tennis team had a prosperous season this year. Winning 7 games of their 12 matches they took part in as well as having several players go to districts competing in either singles and/or doubles.

Senior Mckenna Spangler, gives credits the success to more teamwork and the increase in amount of time the team spent together this year compared to past years.


Girls’ Volleyball

Winning 13 of 14 games this year, the girls volleyball team was able to qualify for districts, where they eventually placed 4th. Much of this success can be credited to the friendships they created with each other.
“I think this season differed from past seasons because we were all friends on and off the court. There was no drama or division between anyone on the team so I think that helped tremendously with our connection while playing,” said senior Mackenna Caurso.


Although the team did not achieve the goals they set out for early in the year, the Panthers were able to win more than half their games, finishing with 6 wins and 4 losses. The team continues to hold their heads high knowing they left all the effort on the field, as a family, as “One Heartbeat.”
“I believe the team's success came from teamwork and a willingness to work hard. I can honestly say that this year, the whole team bonded in a way that I haven’t seen in my  four years of playing on this team. Everyone was brought in and focused on the same goals this entire year,” said senior Joey Sauers, who played linebacker, wide receiver and punter.


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