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Central golfer commits to University Of Auburn

October 2, 2018


          Patience and hard work separate a good golfer from a really great golfer.

Central York High School junior Carson Bacha has already verbally committed to Auburn University to play golf.

          “Auburn is a top-notch school both academically and athletically. We are ranked seventh in the country right now, and so that was a big factor. I also just love the coaches, the campus and the atmosphere in Auburn,” Bacha says.

          Bacha has his eyes on his future. He wants to play professional golf someday is willing to put the time in to make that happen.

          “If I keep up doing what I’m doing and continue to grind hard, I believe I can make that happen. It won’t be easy though, and I understand that, but I‘m going to chase it as hard as I can,”he said.

          Bacha says, he was inspired by his oldest brother and his dad at a young age to play golf. He wanted to be just like them, and it was a sport they all could play together as a family. He also looks up to professional golfer, Tiger Woods.

          As a junior in high school, Bacha has had to give up a lot of free time in order to play golf.

          “I play golf because it’s a lot of fun and I get to travel all over the place. My summers, I spend more time away from home than I do at home.” Bacha is willing to give up spending time with his friends and his family to work at become a better golfer.

          Bacha says he enjoys all aspects of golf. “Just being in competition and in contention coming down the last final holes of a tournament.  [It] gets your nerves going and a little adrenaline rush which is a lot of fun,” he said. Bacha said his favorite golf course to play on the Outdoor Country Club because it his home course and he plays well there, too.

          With a multitude of accomplishments, including two hole in ones and a double eagle (which is a two on a par five). He has also won many tournaments and has helped lead the golf team into states.

          Bacha said it was always his choice to play the game. “That’s one thing I’ve really liked. I don’t have to be persuaded to do it. I just love the game and the grind that comes with it so it’s been my choice.”

          The most important thing about the game is being patient. 

          “Patient, you gotta stay patient with yourself in order to be successful,” said Bacha.


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