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Fall fashion forecast: Bomber jackets, olive green, skirts

October 2, 2018

          With fall starting soon, the time to wear flannels and sweaters is just around the corner. While these are generally considered to be fall fashion classics, this year has brought new trends that can be incorporated into your fall wardrobe.



      Outfit one: This outfit from H&M will keep you warm while keeping up with the latest fashion trends. Although it’s simple, a nice bomber jacket ($34.99) paired with a gray pair of jeans ($24.99) and a solid white t-shirt underneath ($12.99) looks great.

          Outfit two: This outfit from American Eagle Outfitters is simple yet stylish. Olive green is big this year. Pairing an olive green jacket ($89.95) it with a plain pair of black jeans ($49.95) and a simple tee-shirt ($24.95) is easy and effective.

          Outfit three: This outfit from H&M looks sophisticated, while still keeping up with the fashion trends of this fall. A nice checkered button up shirt ($24.99) tucked into a pair of jeans ($24.99) with a plain sweater ($24.99) over it looks great, and keeps you warm for those chilly fall mornings.



          Outfit four: This outfit from American Eagle Outfitters consists of a plain white t-shirt ($24.99) paired with olive green flowy pants ($39.95). A tight shirt with flowy pants is a flattering and interesting look that anyone can pull off.

          Outfit five: This outfit from H&M is a a pair of overalls ($34.99) with a red shirt underneath ($14.99). Overalls are coming back, and pairing them with a red shirt adds a pop of color that anyone could wear.

          Outfit six: This outfit from H&M is an oversized striped sweater ($24.99) with a plain black skirt ($29.99). Button-down skirts are very big right now, and go well with sweaters, jackets and t-shirts.










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