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Girls volleyball team on upcoming season

October 2, 2018

          Already *2 - 0, the Central York girls volleyball team has an exciting season ahead of them. Varsity head coach Nate Ocasio says that Division I is always competitive.

         “Northeastern moved up this season, and I am sure [they] will be looking to prove that they belong,” said Coach Ocasio, who is entering his ninth coaching season at Central.

         Tryouts help determine the varsity and JV teams for the year. This year, Coach Ocasio says the tryout process was tough.

         “This year, we did a lot more teaching and breaking down of skills. In other years, we have done a lot more game play,” said Ocasio.

         However, through this process the Central York girls volleyball team acquired 12 new players from the freshman class.

         Amongst the team’s newcomers is freshman Tehya Shaw.

         Shaw, a middle blocker, began playing in seventh grade with coaches Ocasio and PSU volleyball player, Bayleigh Hoffman.

         “I’ve been playing with the girls in my class since seventh grade,” Shaw says.  

         She said that by playing with the same girls, they are able to more easily “get into their groove.”

         For Shaw, the tryouts were full of conditioning, which she feels makes them stronger.

         But as a coach, Ocasio says the hardest part of the job is making cuts after tryouts.

         “We look for girls that are competitive and coachable. We also look for girls that make others around them better,” said Coach Ocasio.

         “My favorite part of playing volleyball is how competitive we get to be. The adrenaline rush you feel after getting a kill is amazing, and that’s really the fun of it,” said Shaw.  

         Also, playing for the Central york girls Volleyball team is sophomore Grace Chataginer, who plays middle. “My favorite part about playing volleyball is having fun with my team and taking dubs,” Chataginer said.

         Junior Madison Glatfelter is a setter for the team. Glatfelter has been playing since she was in seventh grade, making this her fifth year.

         “[I like] getting to bond with people that you don’t always hang out with outside of sports and also getting a chance to better your skills with people who challenge you to work harder,” said Glatfelter.    

         Her goal for the season is to be an asset to the team and help them win for “the best possible record this season.”   

         Shaw’s goal for the season consists of becoming a better player. “Some of my goals for this upcoming season are to get better at my blocking technique, to be a better player all around,” she said.

         As far as team goals for the season, Coach Ocasio says, “My goals are always to help our athletes reach their team and personal goals while providing them with the best experience possible as a Central York girls volleyball athlete.”

         And in the long run, Coach Ocasio believes preparation is key.

         “If we can focus on being productive in the practice gym and maturing mentally as athletes, we will have a great season.”


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