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In print, on screen, in person: Building a unified central front with Mundis Mill Media

October 2, 2018


         Central York High School’s media outlets are banding together to create Mundis Mill Media. The Prowler Staff, Yearbook  and CTV creators will now be sharing their areas of strength to build one solid media source for the students and community.

          English teacher andy CTV advisor Alexander Strickler is one of the three facilitators involved in this new group idea; the other two being leader of The Prowler, Nathan Trimmer, and head of the Yearbook, Lisa Sands.  

          “Mundis Mill Media is going to be the umbrella name for The Prowler, CTV, and Yearbook. We want to combine efforts, resources and be unified under one name, while still maintaining our individuality,” Strickler said. “Mrs. Sands and I spent a lot of time brainstorming names and we decided on Mundis Mill Media. We liked the alliteration, the way it rolls off the tongue and it talks about where we are.”

          Strickler said, “We saw an overlap with students but we never seemed to take advantage of that, so we really wanted to try and combine resources and have a unified front so that way we could push for competitions and do a variety of things together.”

          Each outlet in itself has areas of specialty that they can offer to the others. For CTV, Strickler said, “CTV will offer the video production element with the broadcast. We hope to help train Yearbook and The Prowler with video because with journalism today, you’re kind of expected to do everything, so we want to bring that expertise to the group.”

          Strickler believes that Yearbook offers a lot, and that they “really have their finger on the pulse at this school as far as what’s going on, who’s who.” As far as what they can bring to the group, he thinks that their wealth of photography will come in handy.

          One of the main reasons for the creation of Mundis Mill Media was for the students and community to have something to turn to to get their media as a whole in contrary to three different departments.

          As Designer Editor for the Yearbook, senior Lindsay Sekeres believes that coming together and closing that divide will contribute to that goal.

          “If you’re not involved with something, then you don’t really know what’s happening. Having us all together will help everyone’s perspective and get more involved with other things in the school,” Sekeres said.

          Strickler also believes this change will make a difference: “[The community will have] one thing that they can point to and say, ‘that’s the media group,’ they cover everything instead of questioning who does this and who does that. It would all be covered under that and have one point of contact.”

         One of Sekeres’ biggest concerns is building an understanding between students of the work that goes on behind the scenes that people don’t get to see.

         “The unity will definitely be cool to see while also increasing Central’s journalism aspect because people who aren’t involved with it don’t recognize it as much. I think putting them all together will broaden everyone’s horizons on how it all works and the work we all put in,” Sekeres said.

         At the moment, this change is in the early stages and hasn’t quite hit action yet. For the future, Mundis Mill Media hopes to grow into a single entity that intertwines ideas and provides the school with media that is able to “raise the bar on the quality, how much they’re able to cover, what they can cover and the content they can create.”

         “We still want each group to maintain their individuality, but we just want to have a unified front and make everyone more well-grounded and have each other as allies,” Strickler said.


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