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Students get scholarships to play after high school

October 2, 2018

          As many students wrap up their high school careers they look for opportunities in college. Playing a sport on a high school teams means more than next week's game, it means the chance for scholarships and invitations to colleges around the state or even further.

         Throughout the past couple years, for most high school seniors, they have been watched. Many colleges send scouts to find the best athletes. Here at Central, we have seen many, and most like what they see in our students athletes.

         Senior Breann Craley is one of Central’s students who has been offered scholarships for sports. Craley has been contacted by four different colleges, Kutztown, East Stroudsburg, West Chester, and Monmouth, about field hockey.

         In the next couple years, Craley sees herself, “playing at KU on a scholarship.”

         There is still a season left to play, however.

         “My current goal is to finish my last hockey season at Central strong and stay on top of my school work,” said Craley. Students must stay active in their school work if they expect to keep these offers rolling in.

         As far as education goes, just because you are busy with sports doesn't mean you can't have big goals. Craley hopes to major in biology and study to become a nurse.


         Giving advice to someone starting a sport striving for scholarships, she says, “work hard, it pays off in the end.”

         Senior Cade Pribula has also had many offers for football. He plays as Central York’s quarterback for the varsity team.

         "Harvard, Buffalo, William and Mary, Delaware, Colgate, Lafayette and Dartmouth all came to our school to watch me throw. About 20 others have come into our school to speak with me,” said Pribula.

         Just like Craley, Pribula has also been offered scholarships.

         “I have three full scholarship offers from Delaware, Albany and Sacred Heart. I committed to Delaware in August,” says Pribula.

         As the football team is doing well this year, Pribula says his goal is to go 10-0 and go all the way to the district championship. This would be a good send off to college.

         Starting as a freshman player in college most often leaves you cheering from the sidelines, but not for Pribula.


         “Next year, I see myself competing for the starting Quarterback job at Delaware but most likely redshirting,” he says.

         Redshirting is where a coaches keep a students out of college competition for a year in order to develop the athlete's skills and extend their period of playing eligibility.

         Just like any good athlete should, Pribula says he hopes to stay healthy and just have a successful career in college. Working hard, but keeping a good balance with available time.

         Pribula gives the advice to new high school athletes, “Stay focused in the classroom and get great grades and test scores. Keep working hard and making yourself a better player and don’t forget to enjoy high school.”

         For some people, college seems years away. Those years will fly by before they know it and they will meet college head-on. Many students are prepared for what is to come, ready to work hard every day, making those proud that saw something in them.  


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