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York Fair: What do Central’s past and present students think?

October 2, 2018

          The York Fair was established 265 years ago. In 1765, it became one of the first annual tradition of our young country. The fair used to be a two day open event (free of charge) where fair goers are able to have an enjoyable time with family and friends. The fair consists of fun for everyone, from rides to food this an ideal event for anyone to attend. It is open for a week in early September of each year.

          Junior Hanna Swalin, remembers her experiences at the fair. Some of her favorites include the french fries and riding the ferris wheel.

          The fair has plenty to offer from food to animals she said.  She really enjoys her time with either her family and friends when she attends. Another feature is the concerts they offer, she attended a Thomas Rhett concert last summer. Despite this she still thinks the most significant part of attending the fair is being with friends and making memories that she will never forget.

          However, Swalin says she still has some suggestions she feels would improve the York Fair. These include adding more popular foods, offering more dates for opening and longer time periods during the season.

          “I think that starting mid August and running through mid September will give people more of an opportunity to get there.” she said.  

          Former Central High School student, Jamiris Reyes spoke her opinion and thoughts of the fair as well.

          She said, “The fair is known for their funnel cakes. They have great flavor and different toppings you can add. Besides that, they are a decent size.”

          She also says that her favorite ride is the zipper.

          “You would think that the ride would be scary, but it’s one of the best they have,” she said

          "The only downfall to the fair for me is the prices. From parking, rides, games and food, I am spending close to $100. I think the only charges should be parking and food.”

          Reyes believes the cost of entrance should include people being able to ride unlimited rides because they should be able to have a good time.

          “You see dozens of people not ride rides because of the cost of tickets or wristbands,” said Reyes.

          Even after 265 years and the economic struggles and shift in entertainment the fair remains a fun environment that you can socialize with whoever, do whatever and just have a fun experience you will remember forever.



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