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Little Shop of Horrors: A success in the making

October 25, 2018

          Central York Performing Arts will be debuting their fall musical, Little Shop of Horrors, at the beginning of next month. The show has been in production since the end of summer, and the cast and crew have been working to make it a performance like never before.

          “This show is a rock, pop musical about plant shop coworkers, Seymour and Audrey,” said CYPA veteran Olivia Neiderer. “Seymour finds an unidentified plant that only eats blood, and Seymour has to do some terrible things to get what he wants,” she said. “But ultimately, all he wants is for Audrey and himself to be happy.”

          Neiderer is cast as the lead of the musical, Audrey.

          “Audrey and I don’t have a lot in common. She doesn’t always speak her mind and I definitely will,” she said. “She also dwells in her past a lot, and for me, what’s in the past is gone,” she said.

          Although Neiderer and her character don’t share many personality traits, that doesn’t draw away from how much fun she has playing the role and working alongside her fellow cast members and directors.

          “It’s amazing to be in this cast because everyone has such great energy and attitudes,”  said Neiderer. “I love to go to rehearsal and be in such a great environment with my friends,” she said.

          “Being a senior, I know a good amount of the cast personally. I have lots of friendships which makes this process a lot easier,” she said.

If there’s anything to note about Little Shop of Horrors, it’s that the venus fly trap is one of the main features of the musical. Additionally, the plant prop that CYPA is using is particularly special.

          “The plant is such an amazing element of our production,” said Neiderer. “We’re renting the 2003 Broadway revival puppet. It’s so cool to be working with a prop that real professionals used once,” she said.

          All props are a major part of a production, no matter what stage they’re being used on. And CYPA’s new technical director Michael Hillegas knows exactly what it takes to implement all behind-the-scenes aspects in a show.

          Hillegas said he has been involved in the technical field for over 30 years and has also worked with many other schools and professional organizations.

          As a brand new member to Central’s department, Hillegas has thoroughly been enjoying his time at the school so far.

          “I love it here,” he said. “The facility and staff are amazing, and the students are very eager and willing to learn new crafts,” he said.

          There are several new “crafts” to be on the lookout for, including a set viewed from a “forced angle,” Hillegas said.

          “I’m so excited to see what [Hillegas] comes up with,” said Neiderer. “I know he’s experienced and confident in his work,” she said.

          As for the performance itself, dates to see the show are Nov. 8, 9 and 10 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets will be sold for $10 and $12 on the CYPA website or at the box office before the shows.


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