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Eight Central students audition, are accepted to District Chorus

December 3, 2018

          On Oct. 27, 2018, Central York High School hosted the district chorus auditions. This took place all morning through the afternoon. There were a few hundred students rehearsing and auditioning for their individual parts.

          Central had many students audition and eight got selected. Central had the highest number of admitted students compared to any other school there that day.

          “It’s very exciting that Central had eight singers make the choir. Most schools usually have two or three students make it,” said Madison Horner.  

          The sophomores accepted were Ainsley Buia, Holly Hinchcliff, Aiden Fraser and An Lai. The only junior accepted was Maddy Horner and the seniors accepted were Katherine Fonda, Mikella Wisler and Koby Fink.

          These outstanding students all participate in our school's musical programs.

          “I started preparing last May when I received the audition pieces for this season. I learned most of the pieces over the summer,” said Horner. Most students said they started preparing at least two weeks in advance.

          “Every singer works incredibly hard to make the choir. While in the moment, I try my best to focus on what I need to do in order to have a good audition,” said Horner.

          The long day is certainly an experience worth going through even though students have said it can be a bit stressful.

          “Auditions start at 8 a.m. and end around 2-3 p.m. The day can be very tiring and exhausting because some student choose to stay all day to know their placement. The worst part is having to wait for your results. The anticipation drives everyone nuts,” said Horner.  

          “There were definitely some nerves, but I was mostly worried about everyone else,” said Fink. It’s always just as nerve-wracking waiting for the results of your closest friends as your own.

          Individuals accepted get the chance to collaborate with other students.

         “I love the group of people I get to go with,” said Buia.

         “I was more excited to see all the friends I had made in previous years,” said Fink.

         Each of these students plans to continue with their auditioning process when it comes to regionals, states, and even nationals.

         “I will take as many audition opportunities as I can,” said Buia.

         “I can’t wait to see who is going to qualify for regionals and states this year,” said Horner. Central has a strong sense of musical talent, giving these students the resources they need to accel.

         If Central wants to keep a strong presence of students auditioning, they need new faces willing to put themselves out there. Even though the day may seem overwhelming, Central’s students say not to worry about it.

         “Districts has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I have met the most genuine and caring people, and I would not trade these experiences for the world. The worst that can happen is that you earn more experience auditioning even if you don’t make it,” said Fink.

         “The more you audition, the better you audition,” said Buia.

         “The process may sound scary, but if you have a lot of confidence and show what you’re capable of, then you're already on your way to success,” said Horner.

         If you are interested in seeing these students perform, don't be shy.

         “Singers who make the choir are expected to prepare the repertoire on their own before the festival. The festival lasts two days and this year it is Feb. 8 and 9. The second day of the festival we have three rehearsals, a dress rehearsal and then we end with the concert, ” said Horner.

         All eight of these students will spend hours preparing their performance pieces, putting it all together in a short time frame.

         If you see any of these students be sure to congratulate them on their accomplishments.



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