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Central York Football has had an exciting season led by seniors Cade Pribula, Devin Gaffney, Saahir Cornelius, Reid Hershner and William Van Dyke on offense and Ben Bartkowski with Darnell Johnson on defense.

The Panthers finished with an 8-2 regular season record. After a successful regular season, the panthers lost their first playoff game to Central Dauphin, 49-21.

This year brought new changes, including some with the coaching staff. Coaches Joe Gazza and Jeff Foxwell joined the team this season.

Gazza coaches receivers and defensive backs while Foxwell coaches running backs.

Looking to the future, rising freshman Beau Pribula is one to watch, along with rising sophomores: Taylor Wright Rawls and Keelan Stroman. Next year’s seniors to look for include Ian McNaughton, Mason Myers, Max Wertman, Nick Basile and Brendan Harris.


Cross Country:

Central York Boys Cross Country won the division title during this running season.  

The boys team’s record for the season was 16-2, while the girls team’s was 7-11 according to sophomore cross country runner, Mary Beth Ryer, who has been running for three years now. By earning the division championship title, the boys successfully completed one of the team’s goals.

The girls team ran through lots of injuries this season, and sent junior Olivia Gemma with freshman Allison Minich to the District III Cross Country Championships at Big Spring High School.

Junior Brandon Baxter also ran in the District III Cross Country Championships, placing 39 out of 270.

The typical cross country meet includes a walk-through before running.

“The coach of the home team leads the visiting teams through the course and makes note of any specials turns or places of caution. Then, teams begin to warm-up for their races,” says junior Anna Yankanich, who also runs for the girls cross country team.

According to Yankanich and Ryer, the boys run first while the girls support them, and then the girls run while the boys cheer them on.


Girls Tennis: 

With a new head coach, Mckenzie Krout, the Central York Girls Tennis team finished the season with a record of 5-7 overall this year. They finished with a 5-4 record in their league.

Krout, who spent four years playing tennis at Red Lion Area High School and another four years at York College, said she enjoyed her first year of coaching.

“I really enjoyed coaching the girls and seeing them have fun, make friends, practice and improve,” said Krout.

Krout said that there are some things the team could improve on next year. “We will definitely be working on our footwork more next year. We had a lot of close matches that we could’ve won if we would’ve been a tad better,” she said.

Everyone had a great season, according to the coach. “I believe every girl played well this season given that we had many different levels of experience. I’m excited to see what next season holds for everyone.”

Krout says she would like to thank the team for a great first season. “I want to thank the girls for being so great and making my first season as coach really easy and smooth. Everyone got along really well and had fun,” Krout said.


Girls Volleyball:

Central York Girls Volleyball had a very successful season this fall.

The team finished with a record of 12-1 during their regular season. Their only loss was against Dover.

Junior Madison Glatfelter said that their hardest opponent this season wasn’t Dover but Southwestern. “They play with a different defense and set up, so it is very hard to read their plays and know their next move. They play just as hard as we do and didn’t seem to make mistakes that we could use against them,” Glatfelter said.

Glatfelter says that, although everyone played well this season, two players really stood out. “I think Jenna [Arganbright] had a lot of really great games working so hard as a right side, and contributing greatly to points for our side,” said Glatfelter. “I also think Linnea [Prudell] worked so much to ensure that every game she played her hardest and got a great set out to each hitter every time.”

Glatfelter said she’s looking forward to improving next year. “Next year we could work on bonding more with each other to be a stronger team and have the best possible communication,” said Glatfelter.

“I think we played really well as a team this year and next year will only be stronger and better for us to really overcome and be the best we can possibly be,” she said.


Water Polo:

Central York High School’s girls water polo team has had a very lively season this year. Once considered a club team, they have finally secured school funding and are hopeful for their future within the school.

The team finished with an 2-8 record, playing against tough teams like Exeter Township High School, which some players deemed as “ physically and mentally exhausting.”

The team has high hopes for the future though—after placing in several local tournaments and gaining influence from head coach, Craig Eckbold, they are sure that improvement is the only possible option.

Most of the team members play all of the three assigned positions: goalie, hole set and defender. Some players have seemingly found their niches this year however, and tend to stick with a particular position, like junior Madeline Brodbeck who often plays two meter defender, and senior Carly Swanson who frequents the goalie position.

The team is constantly looking for new players to find their own esoteric interest for the sport and encourages those interested to check it out this spring.





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