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Winter sports at a glance: What to look forward to this season

December 3, 2018

          Winter sports are approaching for the 2018-2019 season. Girls and boys basketball, wrestling and swimming will be starting up very soon.

         The girls basketball team is looking forward to a very promising season ahead of them. Coach Scott Wisner said that he knows it will be a challenge replacing the eight seniors he lost last year, who won three straight county titles. He knows with the new group of players they can win a fourth title win.

         “We will most likely play a little more zone defense this year and look to fast break more on offense,” Winser said.

         Wisner is really looking forward to being able to play on a brand new gym floor. Along with the Central annual holiday tournament on Dec. 27 and Dec. 28 where this will really determine how good the team will be.

         One of the players that he knows will impact the team with her abilities and experience on the court will be Katie Fabbri. Fabbri, who has played varsity the past four years, is also a point guard for the team.

         Winser said he is also looking forward to the first tournament they have at Penn Manor on Dec. 7 and Dec. 8.

         “It’s always great to have more fans to give a home court advantage; the team has been very successful the past few years and looking forward to continuing to make Central York proud,” he said.

         Wrestling coach Seth Beitz said he is really looking forward to the official start of the season. Beitz loves seeing the excitement on the wrestlers faces when they get back on the mat. He said he really wants to see certain people set up and take leadership and mentor positions while the new wrestlers take the time to learn.  

         Some players that will impact this season are Logan Paluch, Brett Morgan and Michael Wolfgram, who are all seniors this year. Beitz said these three have had been very consistent and he is excited to watch them make their final push this year.

         Beitz also said he is excited to watch them go into post season. Issak Gray is another player he is excited for. Gray just transferred to Central over the summer and will be wrestling as a senior. Gray will also be bringing a lot of experience and skill that he knows.

         Beitz also said we expects to see Tanner and Tyler Schaller reap the rewards of the hard work and dedication this offseason. They both have wrestled in multiple events over the summer and have come a long way with some phenomenal results and experiences.

         “Much like the Schaller brothers, he also traveled and competed a large portion of the summer,” Beitz said.

         Beitz also looks forward to Mason Myers who had an amazing football season.

         “Mason is an fierce competitor and a guy that elevates the intensity in our room,” Beitz said.

         But a new face in the high school will be Jeremiah Smith who choose to travel to a large amount of tournaments this summer.

         “I am excited to watch as he continues to grow and develop more this season,” Beitz said.

         Beitz says he is also looking forward to the returning starter Jacob Dinges who came out last year as a first year wrestler and earned a varsity spot. Dinges has done a lot of preparing in the off season.

         “I am excited to see how all that hard work pays off for him,” Beitz said.

         Beitz says that himself and the players are all very excited to start the competition season.  

         “I just want to say thank you for all the support they already have shown us. We love seeing them at our matches for our different theme nights. We have also really appreciated the Cheerleaders to coming out and cheering at out events. I look forward to seeing you again this season,” said Beitz.



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