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Real vs. fake Christmas trees: The debate rages on

December 18, 2018

          The holiday season is approaching and there’s one question on everyone’s mind. Fake tree or real tree? This question has plagued all tree-getters since the beginning of time. Sure, a real tree makes your whole house smell like the classic evergreen, but is the extra work and maintenance worth it? Do you go with the less authentic, but more environmentally friendly fake option?

         Senior Rachel Rambler says that fake trees are just, “too much work.” Rambler says that the assembly is a hassle and it’s much easier for her parents to get the real tree.

         While fake trees do take some time to assemble, it is much less time than it takes to choose and cut down a tree. Additionally, it is better for the environment to reuse the same tree every year instead of cutting down a tree. Not only does this take a tree away from the environment, where it could be a home for animals and provide oxygen, but it also becomes a large amount of waste when you are done with it.

         Senior Jacob Stewart agrees, saying, “Fake trees are less of a mess and easier to set up and take down.”

         Real trees can also be a large financial burden. You have to buy a new real tree year after year. Fake trees are a larger cost up front, but with good care, can be used for many years.

         The main argument I tend to hear for real trees is about the smell. If you buy an evergreen candle, the same scent can fill your home. Additionally, you then have the choice if you want to smell it or not. I mean, constant evergreen has to get tiring after a month.

         Fake trees are also a huge plus if your family has plans to leave town or go on vacation during the holiday season. There is no need to worry about taking care of a fake tree when you are gone, which means you can enjoy your time away from home more.


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