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The Grinch: Illumination presents a new twist on an old classic

December 18, 2018

         The newest version of The Grinch strays from Dr. Seuss classic while adding modern pizazz.

         Nov. 9 brought change to the Christmas movie industry, as a new take on an old classic made its debut; Illumination’s The Grinch opened in theatres.

         This version featured new songs, new characters as well as new concepts.

         While the overall message stayed true to the original Seuss classic, which came out in 1966, the newest The Grinch made some bold moves. When watching the movie, or even the trailer, the first change that becomes apparent is the newest rendition of Your A Mean One, Mr. Grinch by Tyler, the Creator.

         The words are modified and changed, and while it has the basic tune of the original song, sound effects and beats are added which muddle the actual lyrics. In all, it was the worst part of the movie experience. It was too modern for a classic Christmas movie, which it made it hard to sing or hum along.

         In addition to the modern songs, Grinch’s house was fairly neat. Grinch’s crib atop Mount Crumpit was decked out considering it housed Grinch. The decor and layout was the least bit menacing, and to add to it, other than a few poor pranks that Grinch played, the Grinch himself was not very threatening overall.   

         Whoville however was the best part. The layout was smooth and the town flowed together. The mix of Christmas decor, colorful housing and decorations made the overall aerial view of the town resemble a castle. The ramps, bridges and snow-capped buildings served as an appropriate setting for the Whos.

         Speaking of Whos, apart from Tyler, the Creator’s song, the characters served as another major change. However this time, I have nothing but praise. The cast change was refreshing. Star Cindy Lou Who differed from the classic Cindy.

         Lou Who shined as a leader. Newer roles like Lou Who’s gang of friends were introduced, and Lou Who gracefully took charge amongst her friends. She was witty and creative. She was a mastermind of inventions and plans, which she often used throughout the film.

         Lou Who most likely gained these traits from her mother. Lou Who’s father was not present throughout the film, allowing Lou Who’s mom, a single mother of three, to be able to shine and thrive, while representing single moms well. Lou Who’s mother cared for her and her two younger twin brothers as well as working to provide for her family.

          In addition the characters, humor was a large component within this new movie. Grinch’s dog, Max, as well as an obese reindeer, Fred, served as comic relief.

          Some parts of the movie that were meant to be humorous fell short, leaving the theater silent. But, Max and Fred were always able to pull a giggle out of the audience.

          Throughout the movie, the changes that were made and the slight humor balanced well with the elements of the story that stayed the same.

          Together, they conveyed the classic movie’s message beautifully, ending with the Grinch making amends with Whos at Lou Who’s Christmas dinner. With the help of Lou Who, Grinch came to realize what Christmas was truly about.  

          Proving his lesson learned, Grinch concluded in, saying, “To kindness and love, the things we need most.”


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