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What to do when you're "home for the holidays"

December 18, 2018

It does not take long for the anticipation and excitement of the holiday season to wear off, leaving the rest of winter break seemingly uneventful. Here is a list of four fun things to do over winter break:


Go to Roundtop Mountain Resort:

For those who seek adventure, a visit to Roundtop Mountain Resort is practically a given. Their outstanding snowmaking system allows them to create the perfect environment for skiing, snowboarding and snow tubing—regardless of the weather. Roundtop also offers lesson packages for beginners so they can easily learn the basics with rental equipment.

Employees recommend that those interested in visiting dress in insulated layers, that allow for adjustment during potential temperature changes, as well as water/wind resistant pants, gloves and a hat.


Spend time baking:

A long break is a great opportunity to develop various hobbies like baking. Whether it’s the pre-made Pillsbury cookies or thoughtfully crafted pastries, baking is an easy way to unwind before going back to school. Not only is it a great creative outlet, but it also serves as an exceptional opportunity to spend time with family and friends.


Go ice skating at York Ice Arena:

York Ice Arena has been south central PA’s premier ice sports facility for years, possibly due to their consistent community involvement. They hold public skating sessions during varying times throughout each week, where people can pay admission, rent ice skates and take skating lessons. There is also a concession stand with hot chocolate and other snacks, making the York Ice Arena a great place to spend an entire day.


Visit Hershey’s Holiday Chocolate House:

2018 marks the tenth annual Hershey's Holiday Chocolate House, a hand-built chocolate home that features 30 different Hershey’s confectionery products within its 84.5 square feets. This year, over 100 employees volunteered to help construct the home, spending nearly 400 hours perfecting the structure’s details. For each hour of labor, $8 was donated to the Children’s Miracle Network, totaling nearly $3,200 in donations after its completion. It’ll be open to visitors until January at Hershey’s Chocolate World in Hershey, PA. The company urges those interested to visit the home. If you visit, take pictures and tag them on social media at @ChocolateWorld, or use the hashtag #ChocolateHouse.

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