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Where to go on New Year’s, what different events take place

December 18, 2018

          Over the holidays, many people travel out of state or even out of the country. But for the New Year's Eve countdown, people go to New York City to see the ball drop or to their families house to watch it drop on television.

         Senior Ashley Blaine said she stays in the state for the New Years countdown. Blaine goes to her aunt's house in Manchester.

         A large group of people 10 plus, play games and listen to music. As the countdown approaches the family drinks sparkling grape juice and gather around.

         Blaine said she likes going there every year because she gets to spend time with her grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles, but also has a desire to travel in the future.

         “I would like to be able to be in Japan to see what it is like in a different country,” Blaine said. She said she would also like to go to her friends houses one year and see how they celebrate New Years.

         Former graduate student Gabriel Reyes goes out of state for the new years countdown. Reyes goes to New Jersey and New York to see his family.

         While in New Jersey, he stays with family and also goes to the $5 movie theater. While in New York, he stays at the Marriott Hotel he also goes downtown and goes shopping with his family and he said he really enjoys it.

         “We stay up until midnight and as soon as the ball drops, we run around the streets banging pots and pans” Reyes said.

         One place Reyes would really like to go for the new years countdown is time square to see the ball drop in person.

         If you are planning on staying home for New Years but want to go somewhere for the countdown itself, there are many local places to go for New Years.


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