Central York High School Student Section then and now

January 24, 2019

          The CYHS student section has seen major changes in student participation.

         Central students used to lack participation over the years not just at school events but throughout the school year, such as spirit weeks and challenges. Throughout the years the participation had a steady decrease. It wasn’t until six to eight years ago that Central York has established a bigger outcome and the student body actually got involved to show off their spirit.

         In the past, the faculty tried their best to try and convince students to come out by lowering the admission for school events. Students still were not coming. They even eliminated paid admission for various events, just for students to show their support and spirit. They still weren’t coming.

         Marty Trimmer, the district athletic director shares his thoughts on the change.

         In the past, “Student attendance at all schools’ sports events is down; kids have a lot more to do now. It seems like students are worrying about the cars and cell phones, and we all know it takes lots of money to maintain them,” he said.

         The student section became better because students have realized the importance of showing support to their teammates.

         When a player makes a huge play during a game, it is a huge honor to have a fan base cheering loud and proud for them. Overall, students showing their spirit and showing their territory speaks to other schools.

         “When the new high school was built that’s when the students wanted it to be known that it was their court or field,” Trimmer said.

         “The opposing team knows “our place” and where we stand. We are at the event to be loud and proud of the school and team we represent.”

         The informal election, “Student section leaders have come a way  and have been a great help to encourage the student body.” Trimmer said.  That student must have the intelligence and pride they need to, to earn this position.

         Trimmer now has a different point of view. “Our student body spirit is one of the best in the county, if not the best,” Trimmer said.

         He says the changes were mostly made through the students. It was the goal for the upperclassman to get all the students involved. From student section leaders, spirit weeks, a loud crowd and social media students see this as a priority, they strive to make it to these events. The themes have increased the number of participants. 

         “We now have a tremendous turnout,” Trimmer said.

         As Trimmer said, the student section leaders have had an impact on the student body.

         The 2018-19 student section leader is Brant Palm. As student section leader the job is to essentially get everyone hyped up, think of theme ideas and operate the social media platforms.

         “Becoming the student section leader has made me change as a person because I am never nervous to talk to a big crowd anymore. I’ve grown to come out of my shell and enjoy when the attention is on me,” Palm said.

         There are always qualities and reasons you get to do something special. Palm has the ability to get everyone energized, having great personal relationships with fellow classmates it gave him the ease to be able to “run” the section. Along with that Palm believes that the rising leader needs to keep everyone hyped up.

         “They need to keep the many traditions passed down, such as the Dallastown rivalry,” Palm said.

         “I believe that social media is the biggest factor in participants in the student section. If a tweet isn’t sent out on the theme, place and time not many show up,” Palm said.

         Palm said his most memorable moment was beating Cumberland Valley. “The atmosphere for the game that day was very intense and truly a great day to be a panther,” Palm said.

         Changes Palm has made is bringing much attention to the Dallastown rivalry. “It is always a tense game, but there is nothing like watching Central beat down on Dallastown,” Palm said.

         Palms last words are “I think our seniors have saved most of the pride we have in our student section. The juniors, sophomores and freshman have added lots of depth.” Along with that, the whole section goes all out and gets very creative when it comes to themes. “We are very into the themes with our all-out outfits.”

         “We are nowhere near as loud as we can be,” Palm said.


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