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Fashion blast from the past: What’s in and what’s coming

January 24, 2019

          Ah, the ‘90s… the time in fashion history where frosted tips and JNCO jeans were all the rage. We reminisce on these throwback looks and laugh, but they’re a couple of the very few trends that haven’t come back in 2019. So many looks we love to rock today were cringe before they were cool again.

         Crop tops and mom jeans? Graphic tees and flannels? Mini skirts and statement jackets? All huge ‘90s staples. Nearly everything we wear that is deemed “fashionable” and “trendy” are all updated versions of older trends. Wearing a “Clueless”-inspired matching plaid set isn’t just for Halloween anymore, it’s a look.

To most of us, celebrities and public figures are the main inspiration for our clothing, and the pieces they wear are plucked straight from the ‘90s. Youtube star Emma Chamberlain is known for rocking a pony with a scrunchie, crop tops or graphic t-shirts, high waisted pants--commonly plaid--and “Doc Martens” boots. This look was trendy then and now, and has become one many attempt to replicate.
         Now, what’s next for the future of fashion? As horrifying as it sounds, the 2000’s are coming back.

Jeans under dresses will never be cute. Platform flip-flops are probably the worst item of footwear that came out of any era ever. Ultra low rise pants are awkward and unflattering. If anything comes back in the new year, these trends should be at the very bottom of the list.

         It’s not all this bad, though. Lots of trends have been revamped to make them less cringe and more cool. Velour tracksuits have been brought back by the Kardashians, styled with heels and other formal garments. A simpler version of the classic chunky belt has become a new trendy accessory for many. Satin dresses are a celebrity favorite once again. These 2000s looks are fashionable now because they’re styled with some 2019 flare.

         Add something new to your fashion this year, experiment with 2000s trends and make them your own. No matter what you wear or how you wear it, remember that confidence will never go out of style. Bring some fashion confidence into the 2019 and you’ll be sure to be serving looks all year long.


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