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Hayshire and the new multi-age classroom

May 6, 2019

          The Hayshire Elementary School provides an educational program for students grades K-3.

         This year, Hayshire has done something new called “multi age classroom.” Multi-age classroom is when there are mixed grades two and three together in a classroom.          Next year they are going to have multi age classrooms for grades K-1.

         Barbara Snare,assistant principal of Hayshire said“If the students are wanting to work with other grade levels they will be able to and improve their learning by working on projects with each other.”

         At Hayshire all students and faculty believe in having “Positive power”. Snare said “We always talk about having positive power because it is important in Hayshire and we want everyone to know they can do well in everything they do and everything they choose to do.”

         “Sometimes we even have family events where families can come to marvelous math night and pumpkin decorating nights to enjoy,” Snare said.

         In the classroom, the students have a lot of things they are doing to engage their learning and keep them active in the school.

         Snare said, “Recently we just had kindergarten registration, and that is really big to us because parents are bringing their new children in”.

         There are two big S.T.E.M nights which includes family night coming up for grades 2 and 3.They also have “Safari Into Summer” which is a night where everyone can come into school and bring their family to particpate in activities to improve their learning over the summer.

         “We also have huge art show coming up where all the artwork is going to be on display in the evening and there will be ice cream,a dj and a crayola crayon walking around,” said Snare.

         There are always different projects going around in Hayshire. Between academics projects and sometimes it is even things the students do to help others.



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