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North Hills takes ‘pride’ in its activities, programs for learners

May 6, 2019

          North Hills is one of our marvelous elementary schools that is in Central York School District. It is a very good school that teaches grades four-six. North Hills has been around for a very long time and it is a school loved by many families. One parent said “I really love this school and I feel safe sending my son to this school.” North Hills has many different activities and certain stuff to keep students intrigued and having something to look forward to everyday such as after school sports, intramurals etc.

         These intramural activities consist of kickball, basketball, soccer and other things along with the sports ran through the school. Another thing that students at North Hills students can sign up for is “May Day”. This is a day where students can bring their family members down to the younger school of Hayshire and many different events are held there such as water tank dunking, bouncy houses, face painting etc.

         North Hills offers a program called multi-age classroom which means that a student who is in fourth grade and wants to try and improve his learning experience to a fifth or maybe sixth grade level can do that. Many students enjoy this because maybe some of their work is easy to them and they want to better themselves for a good cause. NH follows a motto of “PRIDE” because they believe all students should take pride in all the work and not even that but in everything they do inside of the school.



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