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The anatomy of a school shooting

May 6, 2019

         On Tuesday April 20, 1999, two boys walked into their high school after their bombs failed to detonate in the cafeteria. Instead, they shot at shoot at whoever was in their line of sight.

         Thirteen people, not including the shooters, succumbed to their wounds and passed. At the time Columbine was the deadliest school shooting the U.S. had seen. It had become international news in a matter of hours.

Flash forward only 19 years later and Columbine was no longer in the number one spot; not even in the top ten anymore. It was knocked down by Parkland: this generation’s Columbine.

         Feb. 14, 2018, a day of stereotypical roses and chocolates to those who believe in the concept of a Valentines Day. At 2:19 p.m., at a school in Parkland, Fl., a man carrying a rifle bag and multiple magazines of ammunition walked onto campus. Only 83 minutes later, there were more than 30 people killed or injured.

         We had 20 years to fix this problem of children and teachers getting gunned down in what should be their safe classrooms and school halls. A child should never have to worry about their last moments of life being absolutely terrified in some place they were told was safe and that they would receive an education.

         What has changed over the years? Sure, we’ve enacted a few gun laws such as closing loopholes in some laws which allowed people to buy weapons at gun shows without any background checks. So why is it we're still having an epidemic of gun violence in schools?

         Some say that it is an issue of bullying, that kids should be nicer to one another. While it is true that kids should be nicer, that isn't the exact cause of school shootings across the nation.

         Others say it is an issue of mental health, thinking that medications and loose screws cause people to be violent against their peers. Not only is this theory demonizing those who suffer from mental illnesses, but it’s also not the whole picture.

         There is the big one: gun control. Or really, lack thereof.

         Like the other theories,  there are flaws like black market trading and buying, but this one can at least put a huge dent in the overwhelming amount of deaths each year, from not only school shootings, but gun violence in general as well.

         No matter where you are on the spectrum of advocating gun control or dismissing it, I think we all agree that this epidemic of shootings in the buildings we’re told is safe is needs to change.

         Contact your representatives, start local, be an advocate for your viewpoint, express your ideas, start a revolution for all I care, just do something.

         Don’t sit back and watch as more and more of the brilliant young minds of today are destroyed by someone else with the means to.


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