“Oh, the places you’ll go” this summer: Things to do in PA

May 22, 2019

          As the school year comes to a close, summer trips come into the incubation stages of planning. Why go through the trouble of going to far away lands when you can stay in the comfort of your home state, Pennsylvania? Be prepared for incredible photo ops at every turn.

         If you like hikes, good views, shopping and time by the water, you could take a trip to Lake Erie.

         Downtown Erie is home to unique restaurants and shops loved around the world. You can get your movie fix in at Warner Theater or go on a candle-lit ghost walk around Erie.

         If you want some cool shops to visit you can go to Nora’s Soap Scents, a handmade soap and candle shop. There’s also Grasshopper, a gift shop that offers you every essential item to live your best hippy life.

         Maybe that isn’t your thing and you’re there for nature. There are plenty of hiking trails including those at the Asbury Woods Nature Center. Here you can fish, hike and more while you enjoy the natural world around you.

         For those of you that prefer city life, there’s the beloved Pittsburgh. Home of the Cathedral of Learning and the largest stretch of bars in the United States, Pittsburgh has plenty of historical sites, parks, shops and restaurants to visit.

         Pittsburgh has beautiful views at Mount Washington and Overlook Park and plenty of museums including the Andy Warhol Museum, the Clemente Museum and the Photo Antiquities Museum of Photographic History.

         Southside and Shadyside in Pittsburgh hold just about every shop and restaurant you could possibly need, some of these being Pittsburgh exclusives.

         For more historical towns, you could visit Jim Thorpe, Gettysburg, Wilkes Barre, Scranton or Bethlehem. Each of these has unique historic sites, unique shops and restaurants and a “blast to the past,” vintage feel.

         If you want a quick trip to get your hike on, you can go to places like Pole Steeple, Conewago, William Kain, Rocky Ridge, Turkey Hill Overlook Trail, Wildwood Park, Chickies Rock, Gifford Pinchot or Nixon Park.

         Overall, there are so many places to visit in your amazing home state of Pennsylvania. Whether you’re a nature kind of guy, a history junkie or a shopper, there are all sorts of good vacation spots you can visit without even leaving the state.

         For all of these, you could easily drive so your car would be nearby and you can get around without paying for an Uber. Unless you want to have a day at the beach to burn up in the sun, there is no need to get out of the beloved keystone state.

One of the top places to visit in Pennsylvania this summer is Pittsburgh. Beautiful views, photo ops and historic value all accounted for.Pittsburgh is the perfect summer trip with beautiful views and historic value all accounted for.

Photo from Colonial Marble and Granite.





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