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Central girls lacrosse team: A success story in the making

May 22, 2019

“In my opinion, the most important factor to a winning team is the ability to play as one. Lacrosse is not an individual sport, it's a team sport. When a team understands that the purpose of playing a game is to win, not for personal stats, as a team they will succeed,” said assistant varsity coach Allee Ilgenfritz.

Varsity Coach Matt Klinedinst said, “The big goal is to continue building the program and earning the respect of the league and district as a contender in YAIAA and DIII AAA.  The internal goals are to win one more game than we did last season. Win that tough game that gets us to the county playoffs or next round in districts.”

Coach Ilgenfritz went on to say, “One of my top goals for this team is to make districts and counties. Last year, we made districts for the first time in at least nine years and missed the county playoffs by one game. This year, we are making strides towards districts and counties closer than ever before. We have the talent and the drive to compete with anyone.”

With high goals in place, they are ready to push themselves farther than no CYHS girl’s lacrosse team has gone before.

“We try to prepare every day for each game. Take one game at a time and don't think about what happened yesterday or what's coming up tomorrow, it's that game that matters now.  Don't ever overestimate or underestimate your competition.” said Klinedinst.

The team wouldn’t be in the spot they are today without help from the leaders of the team. “The senior group has really come along in pulling the team together but I'm also really lucky to have kids from all grades who have lead by example on the field. I try to stress that everyone has an opportunity to be a leader whether it comes from individual stats, hard work at practice, or encouraging someone who needs it on a particular day and I think this team does that,” said Klinedinst.

“We have many leaders if I listed everyone I would probably list the whole team. Everyone has their own ways of leading, whether that be verbally or by action. We have a great balance of verbal leaders and those who lead by action,” said Ilgenfritz.

There is more to winning games and making the playoffs. It is just like any other sport. You can learn things that are bigger than the game.

“That's it's got to be about more than just lacrosse.  I want my players to love the sport as much as I do but I want them to remember it's about respect, accountability, guts, and execution,” said Klinedinst.

“The biggest life lesson lacrosse has taught me would be if you want to succeed, you have to put in the work. If you want to be the best at a certain skill, you have to take time out of your day, aside from regular practice time, to get better and improve. You have to have the mindset that nobody will outwork you and use that as motivation,” said Ilgenfritz.

Both coaches went on to say how coaching as impacted their life and make them a better person.

“Working every day to make my student athletes better people, to work harder, to work together makes me a better person. Seeing them being happy, excited, sometimes mad, or even upset lets me know they care and it makes it all worth it,” said Klinedinst

“It's humbling to come back to where I started and help teach them the skills that gave me the opportunity to play at the next level,” said Ilgenfritz.

Klinedinst said,  “He enjoys working with the student-athletes.  Seeing them grow and overcome adversities on and off the field, see them improve each year.  I like seeing their pride and enthusiasm for the team and sport. The all try to recruit there friends and teammates from other sports.”

The CYHS girls lax team is ready to continue there successful season and have their eyes set on the prize of winning a championship.



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