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This year at Field of Screams

November 5, 2019

        Picture this, it's a cool fall night, you hear screaming from every angle, your running for your life, ducking from clowns and zombies. Is it a nightmare? No, your at the Field of Screams. As Halloween and spooky season is upon us, Field of Scream is an action packed, top tier scare attraction located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 

       “You should be thrilled, you should be entertained, you should definitely be scared, and you should have a real fun time. You should feel immersed in the whole theater and the atmosphere of the haunted attraction. “ said Jim Shopf, owner and creator of the Field Of Screams. 

       This fall make sure to stop by Field of Screams for its 27th season of haunting and scaring people from all over the east coast. Field of Screams is most famous for its Haunted Hayride, however, that is not the only thing that the scare attraction has to offer. 

       The scare attraction is broken down into four main attractions, but is also full of food vendors, scary carnival games, and mini five minute escape rooms. The first of the four, the one that brings the most attention, the Haunted Hayride. 

       The Haunted Hayride is not like the regular hayride you might be used to taking around a cornfield or apple orchard in the fall. Instead, you hop into a hay wagon and are scared to death for 20-25 minutes. The first stop on the hayride is a stop at the slaughterhouse. Here you are greeted by butchers and pigs greet you with their machetes and yelling. There is also another stop at a redneck house where a man and his wife come out and yell threatening to kill everyone in the hayride. Along with those two is a circus house of clowns, a graveyard full of ghosts, toxic waste monsters, a barn full of haunting chainsaws, and the new attraction, a room in a science lab where monsters escape their dwellings. 

       Shopf touched on this new attraction, “We’ve added a cryogenic prison, so it's a hundred and twenty foot long building, and the wagon goes through there and there's three different chambers in there. It's a cryogenic facility where we are freezing these mutant creatures, so we are doing experiments and trying to do mutations and trying to make these super human creatures. Everythings  completely under control and then some bad things happen and it goes downhill pretty quickly.”

       Next is the Den of Darkness. This is a haunted house in the Field of Screams where you have to walk up and down stairs all through the house facing scares and screams from every angle. The Den of Darkness was a part of the original land that Field of Screams and is even believed to be haunted. 

       Junior student here at Central York Highschool, Patrick Kelly talked about a scary, yet funny moment during his experience in the Den of Darkness. “I was crawling through the attic of Den of Darkness and I put my hand down, and it was like a dummy and I thought it was a real person so I screamed and then stepped on the face of it.” 

       The Frightmare Asylum is a lot like the Den of Darkness, it is an indoor attraction, with nightmares around each corner. As you walk through the halls you will see people getting surgically operated on and torchered. You better cross your fingers that you don’t get chased out of the asylum by an angry man with a chainsaw. 

       Lastly, is the Nocturnal Wasteland. This is the attraction that is outside in the woods. Many people would agree that this attraction is their favorite. 

       Patrick Kelly said he waits all year for the Nocturnal Wasteland, “I like being able to walk through the woods, I think it's scarier that way.”

       Like Patrick said, The wasteland is just a walk through the woods where you can find nuclear monsters around every corner. 

       As Halloween approaches, it is normal to be in the mood to be frightened. The Field Of Screams is one of the best places in the world to go for your pants to be scared off. Hopefully you can find yourself at Field of Screams this holiday season!



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