Mobile Muncheez

    Mobile Muncheez is a student-run high school business that will sell a variety of different foods to students before and during FLEX, a study period at the end of the day. This student-run business is planned to start around the beginning of April and run until the end of the school year in June. Foods that the Mobile Muncheez team is planning to sell include: walking tacos, brownies, cookies, dirt pudding, rice krispy treats, pizza rolls, chips, snack wraps, cheeseburger sliders, cheese steak sliders, and fruit. Drinks will include bottled water and juice. The food and drink will be distributed by a minimum of three different mobile carts; their hope is to have about six carts in order to sell in every area of the school at once.

    Mobile Muncheez is currently at the tail end of the development stage, and is becoming more ready to open in the beginning of April with every meeting. The Mobile Muncheez team has many different mentors from the community to offer guidance and expertise to these new business “owners.” including Jen Delaye from JDK Catering, Adam Nugent from the York Revolution, and Doug Knight from Connect the Dots Movement. John Zook and Nate Holzinger are the primary students spearheading the business.

Junior Achievement has been more than helpful in the creation of Mobile Muncheez; the JA Company Program’s student-run business outline has guided the students and mentors along the way from conception to implementation. This is an example of yet another high school student-run business that started with a simple idea and has blossomed into a massive success, ready to be implemented.